The Maison du Grand-Duc

H.R.H. Grand Duke Henri signed the Grand Ducal decree on the establishment of the Maison du Grand-Duc (House of the Grand Duke) on 9 October 2020. This new administration provides the Grand Duke with the administrative and logistical support necessary for exercising his role as Head of State.

Panneau Maison du Grand-Duc - Maréchalat de la Cour

The Maison du Grand-Duc is placed under the responsibility of the Marshal of the Court. Mr. Paul Dühr was appointed Marshal of the Court on 25 February 2022. He exercises the powers conferred to the head of an administration of the State with regard to the staff of the Maison du Grand-Duc.

In the performance of his duties, the Marshal of the Court represents the Grand Duke. He is responsible for organising the official activities of the Grand Duke in his role as Head of State. He is responsible for the relations between the Grand Ducal Court and the Government and for the external and internal communication of the Maison du Grand-Duc. He is also in charge of the official activities of the Grand Duchess, the Crown Prince and Princess and other members of their families.

The Marshal chairs the management committee, which is currently composed of:

  • Yves Arend, Director of the Office of the Marshal,
  • Marc Baltes, Advisor to the Grand Duke,
  • Gilio Fonck, Director of the Administration, Finance and Human Resources and
  • Colonel Robert Kohnen, Aide de Camp and Director of Organisation and Security.

The funds from the State budget required for the functioning of the Maison du Grand-Duc will be managed from 2021 onwards in accordance with the provisions governing the State budget, the accounting standards and the treasury management rules of the State.

Dedicated units of the Grand Ducal Police are in charge of the close personal protection and the protection of the residences, namely the Grand Ducal Palace and Berg Castle, which the State has placed, as laid out in the Constitution, at the disposal of the Grand Duke. Fischbach Castle also falls within its responsibilities. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the State to maintain Fischbach Castle during the period where the Crown Prince or the former Grand Duke resides there.

Finally, the Maison du Grand-Duc will publish an annual report on the official activities of the Grand Ducal Court, in which it also reports on the execution of the budget allocated to it by the State.

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