6ème Prix Européen de la Microfinance à la Banque européenne d'investissement



European Microfinance Award 2015, 19th November 2015 at the EIB.

M. Romain Schneider, Minister of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, M. Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank, M. Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Excellencies, Honorable Members of Parliament, Dear guests,

As President of the High Jury it is my great pleasure to present to you, in a few moments, the winner of this year’s European Microfinance Award. But before doing so, allow me to briefly share a few details of the selection process with you. As you all know, this year’s award addresses a complex and unfortunately most timely issue: “Microfinance in post-disaster, post-conflict areas and fragile states”.

It is therefore almost unfortunate that this year’s topic has attracted a record number of 47 applicants from 28 countries, because this means that there are many more microfinance institutions that have to face daily perils when serving their clients.

This also shows that YES – microfinance institutions continue to operate, in spite of natural disasters, epidemics and even during conflicts and open war! We honour today those microfinance institutions that have defied the odds and continued to work under the most challenging circumstances.

Even in times of war, epidemics and natural disasters, these institutions have continued not only to provide services to their clients, but also to adapt their services to the needs of their population. They should all be congratulated for their courage!

So let us please give them a warm round of applause.

It will therefore be no surprise to you that this year’s finalists come from Syria, Guinea and the Philippines. These are: the “Crédit rural de Guinée”, the “First Microfinance Institution of Syria” and “T.S.K.I.” from the Philippines. All three have undergone a very demanding selection process. It has been a true asset to our decision making process that the representatives of the jury come from such varied fields of expertise.

This has undoubtedly helped us in reaching a decision because the selection process just like this year’s topic has been a challenging one. I would now like to call on stage the members of the High Jury, who, after very interesting and animated deliberations, have completed a complex mission: identifying this year’s winner among the three finalists.

I would also like to ask M. Werner Hoyer, and M. Peter Maurer to join me. Ladies and gentlemen, It is my great privilege to announce that the winner of this year’s European Microfinance Award is : (Winner comes on stage and receives the award)

I would now like to ask : Crédit rural de Guinée and/or the First Microfinance Institution of Syria and/or T.S.K.I. from the Philippines. to join us to receive a certificate of recognition for being amongst the 3 finalists of this year’s award.

Maria Teresa